No Water!

Just as we planning Baptism’s for Easter Sunday, the whole city was without water. On Thursday, 3 days before Easter Sunday a major main water line that supplied the city of La Chorrera broke. No Water! We have been without water for one day before but by Friday we were in search of water to drink. We had purchased a swimming pool to use for the Baptisms, but now we had no water to put in the pool. What to do? Pray! Pray! Pray! Saturday came and went, that night as we lay down to sleep I knew that it would not be possible to baptize on Sunday morning. God has a way saying I guess, Oh little faith.  On Sunday morning, Easter Sunday as I stepped out of the bed my feet stepped into more than an inch of water.  Yes, someone had left the bathroom sink on which has a slow drain and now we have a house full of water. Good that it is all tile floor and we were able with shop vac and mops to have it all cleaned up by time for Church service. That afternoon we fill the pool and had baptisms that night.  The devil may hinder the work of God, but he will not stop it. 100_5614 100_5625

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